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Reality on Fandom Wars


How we think they are:imageHow they actually are:



niall literally kills me


Au: You break up with Niall, but remain friends with him and the boys. When you have a new boyfriend Niall gets jealous, but doesn’t want to admit it.

Requested by Anon: “au meme niall where u guys break up and you have a new boyfriend and he gets jealous”


PREFERENCE #56 The Converse He Buys For You


Niall image

Louis image

Liam image

Zayn image

Harry image

pref #444 the kitchen

(you are preparing dinner together <3)
harry: yr stirring the sauce n u dip yr finger in to let harry have a taste. he shakes his head fervently. "im not licking /you/ clean." u break up
niall: he keeps adding four-leaf clovers to yr food. u tell him yr pretty sure its not an herb. "well im pretty sure im abt to cut ye," he says. u laugh. hes holding a knife tho so u shut up
liam: hes ignoring u completely and even if hes helping with the actual completion of the meal the only person hes acknowledging is a banana with a face drawn on............... and deep down inside yr crying............
louis: actually hes isnt helping u cook. u cant cook at all bc hes busy trying to light his blunt w/ the gas stove. his mullet catches fire
zayn: where is zayn


oh dear lord


One Direction quotes


one direction 4 years
Fast Blinking Hello Kitty